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Check out all of the propane training offered to the propane industry all in one spot, from required training, safety training as well as sales and marketing training.Additionally, the propane industry also offers training to those outside the propane industry as well, including firefighters and emergency responders.



Required propane training for certification is mandated by and implemented by the State of Texas.

ProCOT will sometimes host employee trainings outside of required training like First Contact Safety Training. The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) offers sales training, marketing training, and CETP Training. 

Marketing Training

The marketing training is offered through live events as well as a series of webinars and focuses on online ads, Google Business, SEO, and online reviews.

Sales Training

The Propane Sales Training classroom is wherever you are. It’s entirely online. Propane sales professionals and customer service representatives your skills through e-learning modules, videos, and interactive platforms and have access to checklists, guides, and more. 

CETP Training

CETP Training can be used to meet the State of Texas’ Continuing Education requirements.



Propane Incident Management Training also known as Propane Emergencies Training is designed for emergency responders and the propane industry. ProCOT hosts the training annually at Texas A & M University’s TEEX Brayton Training Field in College Station, TX, the world’s largest liquid-fueled live fire training facility.

Course Topics

  • Propane physical properties & characteristics

  • Vapor control & dispersion

  • Bobtail & transport safety features

  • Transportation emergencies

  • Bulk storage review

  • Propane cylinder control

  • Residential propane emergencies & cooling the tank

Our next Propane Emergencies Training Course is on November 6-7, 2023.

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