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Propane is also known as liquefied petroleum gas, LP-Gas or LPG is an important part of America’s energy mix for more than a century. Propane is a portable, nontoxic, colorless, and virtually odorless gas stored under pressure as a liquid. As a safety measure, an identifying odor is added so it can be detected in case of a leak.

Propane is vital part of millions of Texans everyday lives in and outside of the home, businesses, schools, hospitals, farms, fleets and even parks.

Where Does Propane Come From?

Propane is largely through produced natural gas processing, while a percentage of propane is produced through petroleum refining.

Why Propane?

The United States is the leading producer of propane in the world.


The U.S. produces more than enough propane to meet demand. Texas is also the home to world’s largest propane storage.


Propane is green energy that is non-toxic and does not contaminate groundwater and soil.


Propane is energy-efficient and offers savings to home, businesses, farms and fleets.

Winter Prices

You’ll have the option of getting propane refills automatically or being a will-call customer. The propane delivery system is designed to be as flexible and convenient as possible, giving you peace of mind throughout the year. Keep in mind that cold months are busy for propane retailers. If you wait until the last minute to request a refill, it’s possible prices will be higher and wait times will be longer than usual. Automatic refill customers don’t face the same challenges.

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