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Propane commercial mowers green communities and help parks departments and landscapers save. Discover the benefits of mowing with propane.


Lower Operating Costs

Propane mowers cost about 30 percent less per hour to operate than gasoline, not to mention possibly reducing maintenance costs. You can then pass those savings on to customers during the bid process for a unique competitive edge.

Reduced Fuel Loss

Propane equipment’s secure, closed-loop fuel system saves money by virtually eliminating the opportunity for spills and fuel theft.

Reduced Labor Expenses

With propane mowers, there’s no need to sacrifice work time for trips to the gas station. Convenient, on-site refueling options include cylinder exchange and on-site dispensing.

More Green-Minded Customers

Operating equipment with low-emissions propane is a unique offering — one you can leverage when marketing to new, environmentally conscious clients to grow business. Compared with gasoline mowers, propane produces up to 17 percent fewer greenhouse gases and 19 percent fewer NOx emissions than gasoline.

Make the Switch & Upgrade to Propane Mowers  

Factory Built Mowers

Landscapers can buy machines that are already outfitted for propane power from a host of industry-leading OEMs, including:
• Bob-Cat • Exmark • Jacobsen • SCAG
•  Toro  
• Walker • Ventrac

Find a Propane Mower 
Dealer Near You

Propane Conversions at Dealers

Aftermarket conversions remain a critical component within the commercial mower market. Some equipment manufacturers offer delayed conversions through their dealer network. They include:

• Bob-Cat (w/ Alliance Small Engines)

• Gravely (w/ EnviroGard/Lehr)

• Ferris (w/ Propane Power Systems)

• Husqvarna (w/ Propane Power Systems)

• John Deere (w/ EnviroGard/Lehr)

• Snapper Pro (w/ Propane Power Systems)

• Spartan (w/ Propane Power Systems)

• Wright (w/ EnviroGard/Lehr)

Mower Conversion Kits

• Alliance Small Engines(Kawasaki)
• EnviroGard/Lehr/Onyx (Kawasaki)
• Propane Power Systems(Kawasaki, Briggs & Stratton Commercial& Vanguard Engines)
• Carb & Turbo (Honda GX 390)

Questions? Contact us

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