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For decades, business owners have counted on propane forklifts to get the job done the first time — all while keeping costs in check. That’s because, compared with electric, propane forklifts ensure your employees have all the advantages they need to work effectively.


One Fuel Source, Many Jobs

Propane forklifts get more done in more places, unlike other energy options. Electric forklifts can’t carry the weight of large jobs, and diesel isn’t fi t for small tasks. But propane forklifts are available in all weight classes to match the job at hand. And because they can operate effectively indoors and out, your staff stays more productive.

Cleaner Operation

If operating with lower emissions is a priority for your workplace, propane is the best choice. Many operators consider electric to be a clean energy source, but it’s important to consider site-to-source emissions in your decision. Compared with electric, propane forklifts reduce SOx emissions by 76 percent. Propane is also much cleaner than diesel, which produces toxic exhaust that makes it unsafe to operate indoors.

Better Savings

The capital costs of propane forklifts are almost 30 percent lower than those for electric, when factoring in required refueling and recharging needs, allowing you to save more for other line items like new employees, or business development. Propane cylinders also last three times longer than electric batteries, and their lifespan isn’t affected by the amount of fuel left in the tank. With electric, a battery with too high or low of a charge can have a much shorter lifespan.
Expert Training

With the right training, refueling propane forklifts is practically no different than filling up your vehicle at the gas station. When you become a propane forklift customer, your propane supplier will train employees to handle the fuel safely and make the most of the equipment. In fact, your supplier can supply your business with helpful safety and training materials from the Propane Education & Research Council. No other fuel source comes with the same level of instruction and ongoing service.

Power That Doesn’t Quit

With the fading power of electric forklifts, you could be paying employees to become increasingly less productive through the day. Propane forklifts provide 100 percent power throughout operation to make the most of the work day, and one cylinder covers an entire eight-hour shift. Businesses that operate 24/7 can count on propane forklifts over multiple shifts, with no need to schedule downtime for recharging, as with electric equipment. In the long term, propane cylinders are a smarter choice than electric batteries. Cylinders can last up to 30 years with requalified use, but batteries only perform a few hours per charge and are only practical for infrequent use.

Propane Forklift Safety

Printable Forklift Safety Flipchart

The Propane Council of Texas has developed the Propane Forklift Safety Flipchart. The flipchart is comprised of 12 safety months and is a great tool for the propane industry for forklift customer orientations and safety meetings.

Spanish flipchart cover.jpg
Additional Forklift Safety Resources

The national Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) has created a webpage dedicated to propane forklift safety with tons of tools and resources you can access including videos and prints outs.

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