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If you’re looking for a reliable way to power a more comfortable home, Propane Can Do That. Homeowners across the country and Texas trust propane for more than just grilling. They use it for cooking, heating, water heating, clothes drying, fireplaces, and outdoor amenities.



The cleaner way to keep cozy. With propane, you get a toasty fire at the flip of a switch. The heat is warmer than that from wooden fireplaces, too. Plus, no ash or soot to clean up afterward, and no firewood to store.

Incentives available for
builders & remoderls

Up to $1,500
from the Propane Education
& Research Council (PERC)

Furnaces & Boilers

Eliminate the cold pockets in your home with a propane-powered furnace or boiler. Propane powers a “warmer heat” — that is, it heats air to a higher temperature when it leaves the vent, so you get to your desired temperature sooner. And it all happens more efficiently than it would with an electric furnace.

Standby Generators

Power outages happen. Adding a propane standby generator gives you peace of mind that your home can keep running as normal, no matter what. And unlike gasoline and diesel, propane doesn’t degrade over time, making it an ideal standby fuel.

Water Heaters

Switch out your electric storage tank water heater for a propane model, and you could save up to 16 percent on your energy bills. Want hot water on demand, and a lot of it? Go for a propane tankless model, a small unit that hangs on the wall and can supply hot water for multiple uses simultaneously.

Ranges & Ovens

Your kitchen is the spot where everyone gathers. Give it the upgrade you want with propane appliances. Many homeowners choose gas cooking appliances for unique features like precise temperature control and instant-on burners. Even if you’re short on space, you can opt for a range that combines a cooktop and oven for high performance in a compact size.

Clothes Dryers

Give your clothes, and your iron, a break. Propane clothes dryers are gentler on clothing, because they deliver warm air that has more moisture than electric models. You’ll notice fewer wrinkles in clothes — while the efficient performance of propane dries them faster.

Outdoor Amenities

Don’t stop at the propane grill. Complete your dream patio with propane firepits, heaters, and lighting. And if you’ve got a pool, propane can power the heater for it, too. There’s no reason that fun has to end when the sun goes down.

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