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Propane Autogas for the Fleet


Propane is the # 1 alternative fuel in the world with over 27 million vehicles powered by propane autogas across the globe.

Cleaner-burning propane autogas vehicles power delivery vehicles, school buses, shuttles, and police cruisers.

Conventional fuels deliver conventional results: volatile fuel prices, complicated maintenance, and higher emissions rates.



Texas is replete with funding opportunities for fleets. The Council has our own grant writer that can assist Texas fleets with finding funding to switch to propane autogas.


Propane autogas delivers the advantages your fleet needs for success: lowest total cost-of-ownership, cleaner performance, and proven technology. No compromise in horsepower, torque, or towing capacity.


Propane is considered a cleaner hydrocarbon with a more thorough combustion cycle. This results in what industry experts refer to as a cleaner burning engine — which offers less carbon build up, fewer oil changes and a host of other advantages. Additionally, you do not have to worry about diesel emissions fluid to purchase, store, and change and clogging and cleaning of diesel particulate filters.


Safety is a priority. Propane autogas fuel tanks are 20X more puncture-resistant, and can withstand far more impact than typical gasoline tanks. 

Additionally, propane autogas has the lowest flammability range of any fossil fuel.

Find Propane Vehicles & Systems

Find a Propane


Find Propane Fueling Station & Routes

Propane powers a host of fleet vehicles from light duty to medium duty vehicles for law enforcement, delivery businesses,  service companies, and school transportation.


Use the below U.S. Department of Energy Alternative Fuel Station Locator to find retailers that dispense propane autogas.

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