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Green Your School District & Community


Propane autogas is also the most widely used alternative fuel for school buses and Texas is the leader in propane school bus adoption with over 3,200 propane-powered school buses. Over 1 million students per day during a typical school year ride cleaner-burning propane school buses across the United States.


A first-of-its-kind study released by Georgia State University links low-emission buses, like those powered by alternative fuels like propane, to improved academic performance.The study found students who rode to school on alternative fuel buses scored higher on their standardized English test scores compared to students who rode to school on diesel buses.

School Bus Grants


The Lone Star State is replete with funding opportunities for school districts to make the switch to cleaner-burning propane school buses. 

Right now, the EPA has just released $500 million for alternative fuel buses. 
School districts can apply for a propane school bus grant from September 28, 2023, to January 31, 2024, at

Contact us at (800)325-7427 or at to see if your district may qualify.


Compared to “clean” diesel buses, propane buses reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by 96 %, which is the key building block to smog and ozone formation.

Smog and ground-level ozone can be harmful for the community— not to mention the negative impact on a person’s lungs. It’s especially dangerous for young children coming face-to-face with the bus exhaust as they walk around the bus, who may be more susceptible to lung conditions like asthma or bronchitis.


Propane-powered school buses can save school districts in expenses over the lifetime of the bus compared to the alternatives. These savings could help schools afford more buses, teachers, extracurricular activities, or other expenses the school district deems beneficial to its schools.


Propane school buses offer safety with 20X puncture-resistant fuel tanks compared with gasoline and diesel fuel tanks.

A quieter ride, allowing school bus drivers to focus on what's going on inside and outside the bus.


Need more information on propane school buses? Contact us at (800)325-7427 or email

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