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FTA Grant Available to Upgrade to Propane

$409.6 million FTA Grant to Upgrade Transit Buses Open

The Buses & Bus Facilities Infrastructure Investment Program is a national grant program administered by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) with 409.6M available to replace, rehabilitate, and purchase transit buses or related equipment and to construct transit bus-related facilities.

Eligible Entities: Public entities, fixed bus route operators, & government agencies (state, local, or tribal)

Eligible Vehicles or Station Types: Vans through full size transit buses are eligible. Must meet Buy America requirement.

Eligible Fuels: All Fuel Types (including propane)

Eligible GVWR: Between 0 and 80,000lbs.

Maximum Vehicle/Infrastructure Funding: For vehicles, up to 80% of diesel or gasoline buses and up to 85% of alternative fuel buses. For facilities, up to 90% of eligible facilities costs. Maximum Applicant Funding: $40,590,000

Maximum Project Funding: $40,590,000

Stackability: Funds may be stacked with state grant programs (state programs may have their own restrictions). Scrappage Requirement: Scrappage is not required.

Special Lease Provisions: Leasing is allowed

Operational Requirement: Buses must be publicly accessible, operate on fixed routes, and be operational within three years of award date.

Reporting Requirement: Applicants will be expected to collect and provide raw, unaltered vehicle performance and maintenance data, meet with FTA evaluators on a quarterly basis, and provide evaluators access to the project site and to project team members.

PO and Deployment Timing: Reimbursement may happen up to four fiscal years after award date. Applicants must obligate funds within three years of award date.

Due Date: November 19, 2021 by 11:59pm ET

Learn more at : or contact the Propane Council of Texas at (800)325-7427 or at


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