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EPA Clean School Bus Funds Available for Propane Buses

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) is offering $400 million to replace school buses, including cleaner-burning propane, at $35,000 per bus.

Propane autogas school buses using new low-nitrogen oxide (NOx) engines produce up to 96 percent fewer NOx emissions than comparable diesel-fueled school buses and 88 percent fewer NOx emissions than comparable gasoline-fueled school buses.

Eligible applicants include school districts, school transportation contractors, and school transportation associations. Eligible old buses for replacement must be 2010 or older diesel models, to be scrapped and replaced with cleaner propane buses.

Priority is given to rural, high-need, and tribal school districts, but previous grants have been awarded to metro districts also, so don't be discouraged by priority distinctions.

Application must be submitted through Grants. gov by August 22, 2023.

Questions? Please contact Heather Ball at, 512-484-8535, or the EPA at


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