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TCEQ Government Alternative Fuel Fleet (GAFF) Grant Now Open

The TCEQ Governmental Alternative Fuel Fleet (GAFF) Program will provide an estimated $3.9 million in competitive grant funding to help government entities purchase or lease new vehicles that operate primarily on alternative fuels, including propane.

Eligible applicants include:

· state agencies, municipalities, and counties,

· water districts or other special districts, river authorities

· school districts and school transportation providers

· junior college districts

· mass transits

· other political subdivisions that own and operate a fleet of more than 15 motor vehicles.

Grants will be made available statewide, but priority will be given to projects in or near a Nonattainment Area or in an Affected County.

GAFF documents, including the Request for Grant Applications and Project Application, may be found on the GAFF webpage at

The deadline for government fleets to apply is May 16, 2023.

Have questions? Interested fleets can contact propane grant expert Heather Ball at 512-484-8535 or for complimentary grant assistance.


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