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Propane Council of Texas Underscores the Importance of Propane Clean American Energy on Earth Day

While many climate change and global warming discussions typically raise doubt, concern, and negative feelings about the impact of current energy decisions on the future health of the planet, here is a feel-good story about the future of energy on Earth Day.

Propane is a clean energy choice with a less dramatic impact on the environment. Propane's environmental story is that it is already working today across the country in a wide range of uses because it is portable, clean, and affordable.

InTexas, propane powers energy-efficient appliances in homes and businesses, agricultural operations, green delivery vehicles, and even over 3,000 cleaner-burning school buses. Better yet, it is a domestic energy, with more than 90 percent of U.S. propane supplies produced inthe United States, withTexashousing the world's largest propane storage.

Propane is clean-burning, so it emits virtually no soot and low levels of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and nitrogen oxides. These are the basic precursors of ground-level ozone, more commonly known as smog. Additionally, propane is non-toxic and does not contaminate groundwater or soil.

Propane must remain an integral part of the larger clean energy solution for several reasons. It even works together with other renewable and clean energy sources for added positive environmental impact. Around the world, and right here in the community, propane is providing the energy to help users meet emissions reductions goals - for a fraction of the investment of the alternatives.

The propane used today is going to get even more clean with each passing Earth Day, too.

Renewable propane, made today from waste oils and fats, produces an energy source identical in composition to propane with an even lower carbon intensity. Studies from the World LP Gas Association show the entire worldwide demand for propane can be met with renewable propane by 2040.

In short, propane is the clean energy choice for today that will continue to fuel the country long into the future. Learn more about this domestic, abundant, clean, efficient, and portable fuel at


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