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Propane Council of Texas Touts Propane School Buses for Communities

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- With schools back in session, the Propane Council of Texas wants to remind communities and school districts that there is an economic, environmental, and domestic fuel source to power their school buses right here in Texas. That is propane autogas. Quiet, efficient, and clean-burning propane school buses transport over 1.3 million children to school daily across America, including Texas.

While electric school buses are attractive to some school districts and may offer a clean and quiet ride, their high upfront investment can significantly impact strained school district budgets. That can mean less money for what matters most, education.

School buses powered by clean-burning propane autogas offer many of the same environmental benefits as electric, but at a fraction of the cost. Propane school buses cost 1/3 less than an electric bus, go the distance, refuel more quickly, and even have a smaller carbon footprint when you factor in the grid generation, transmission, and distribution to power electric buses.

Additionally, scalable, and affordable propane autogas refueling stations give school districts the energy security they need to operate grid-free with propane backup generation.

Propane is also America's most widely used alternative fuel for school buses, helping schools run bus routes without worrying about recharging. In fact, a propane school bus can drive up to 400 miles after one refueling.

Lower total cost of ownership, energy security, and clean performance make propane school buses the ideal solution for schools to add to their transportation mix. Talk to your school district about modernizing their school bus fleet and upgrading your district's school buses to propane, the energy for everyone. Learn more at


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