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National Propane Day is October 7, 2022

The first annual National Propane Day will be held on Oct. 7 from 5 a.m. – 5 p.m., symbolizing propane's placard number, 1075.

Join PERC in celebrating our industry with a month of giveaways and contests. This week's contest submissions are due today.

Every Monday and Wednesday at noon EST leading up to National Propane Day, PERC will hold giveaway contests via social media. Monday contests will ask a question that your company can answer on social media by tagging PERC's accounts. Wednesday contests will be instant giveaways - the first respondent who correctly answers the propane trivia question shown on our social media channels will win a prize.

We'll celebrate National Propane Day in person at our October Advisory Committee meeting, with a livestream of the event. The festivities will culminate on Oct. 7 when PERC shares the winners of the grand prize giveaway, and a propane ally makes a special appearance.


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