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Gas Grill Spring Cleaning

Looking to do a spring cleaning this weekend? Start with your grill.

Clean grill grates before grilling season. To avoid a lot of spring cleaning, clean after each use. • Before grilling season starts, remember to clean up the grease trap and drip pans under your grill. • Clear out spider webs, animal nests and other blockages from burner valves, venturi tubes, connectors, and manifolds. A can of compressed air can help. • Hoses. Keep them clean, remove any grease build-up. Ensure hoses are connected before use and are in good condition, remove any crimps and replace if brittle, excessive wear and tear, or signs of animal gnawing. • Check your gas grill for leaks with the bubble test. Apply leak detector solution or thick soapy water to the connection(s) between the cylinder valve, the regulator outlet, and even hoses. Slowly open the cylinder valve and watch for bubbles. If bubbles appear, close the cylinder valve, tighten the connection, and repeat the process. If bubbles still appear, turn off gas by closing the cylinder valve, and get grill serviced. Do not use until you’ve been given the all clear from a service professional. • In closing, don’t leave your grill defenseless. Always cover your grill when not in use to protect it from the elements. Rain, the sun and even the wind can take a toll on your grill.


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