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5 Burger Tips to Make This National Hamburger Day A Success

1. What Makes Them Juicy

Fat makes burgers juicy. That’s a big reason why ground chuck

(from the shoulder) is better for burgers than ground round (from

the rump). Chuck is typically about 18 percent fat, whereas round

is often about 12 percent fat. The reality is that most ground beef

in supermarkets comes from all kinds of parts of the animal. Ask

the person behind the counter to grind some chuck just for you,

maybe mixing in some sirloin for extra flavor.

2. Seasoning Works

Ground beef alone makes a pretty dull-tasting hamburger, so

make sure the meat is mixed throughout with at least salt

and pepper. Other ingredients, like Worcestershire sauce, hot

sauce, or grated onions, will improve not only the taste but

also the juiciness of your hamburgers.

3. Shaping Up

The ideal thickness for a raw patty is 1 inch. If it’s any thinner,

it’s likely to overcook and dry out before a nice crust develops

on the outside. If it’s much thicker, the crust might turn black

and unappetizing before the center reaches the safe internal

doneness level of medium.

4. Level them Off

Burgers tend to puff up in the middle as they cook, making the

tops rounded and awkward for piling on toppings. A good trick for

avoiding this problem is pressing a little indentation into the top of

each raw patty with your thumb or the back of a spoon. Then, when

the center pushes up, the top of each burger will be relatively level.

5. Flip Only Once

You should flip each burger only once, and only when it’s ready to flip.

You’ll know when it’s time by slipping the edge of a spatula underneath

the edge of the burger and lifting up very gently. If the meat is sticking to

the cooking grate, back off and try again a minute later. When you can lift

the edge of the burger without sticking, it’s ready to flip.

©2017 Weber-Stephen Products LLC. Recipe from Weber’s Greatest Hits™ by Jamie Purviance. Used with permission, republished from 2019 Propane Safety Tip & Recipe Calendar by the Propane Council of Texas.


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